Using a z-wave wall dimmer to control OTHER lights

I’m still pretty new to Smart Things. I was wondering if I can use a Linear z-wave wall dimmer to control GE Link bulbs that aren’t connected to the wall dimmer.

This is the Linear z-wave wall dimmer I have:

Basically, it’s mounted on a wall, controlling some lights directly via 120VAC house wiring and controls ceiling lights. But when I dim/on/off this wall switch, I’d like a side table lamp with a GE Link bulb to also follow the dim/on/off command. I just don’t know if z-wave wall switches act as a commanded device, or if it also reports to the ST hub when it gets state changes (on/off/dim level).

Thanks for any input. I realize I might have to write an app for this functionality. That’s OK.

Take a look at this SmartApp: