Leviton DZMX1 or DZS15 Z-Wave switches $29.13

These are older discontinued models.

Pretty sure I just bought one of these, didn’t realize the dzs15 was discontinued? What took its place?

The new ZW+ . Any “major brand” ZW devices you find are NOS they are trying to dump after moving to ZW+.

Edit: I can’t read things correctly. Confused me as well. One is DZS15 and one is DZ15S. The latter is the newer model.

Here is the Amazon listing for the DZS15. It is marked as the older model. A link to the newer model is available through that link as well.

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Wow ya they really chose to make those model names easily confused. And to add to it all, I actually picked up the dimmer model - dz6hd, which I’m pretty sure is the newest model dimmer, so should be good!