Regular ADDON Switch + zwave relay to control single pole lights

Hello, I am wondering if anybody had an experience with any variation of this combo:

combined with

the add-on switches are obviously not capable of handling a real load, I am looking at this solution simply because that style of switch (zwave has been discontinued - ) and this seems like the only solution, thanks

I do not tried it but,

I would not expect perfect operation with that combination because that add-on switch has a LED and some related setup instructions, suggesting it is not a strictly dry-contact signal that the DSC26103-ZWUS is expecting on its input.

You can use any dumb (and cheap) wallwitch as input to the DSC26103-ZWUS but but the wallswitch will not have a LED.

Don’t care about the status light it’s more about the “toggle” style of this physical switch vs a traditional paddle.

I do not know about the Leviton switch but aeons can be set to accept both On/Offs and momentary presses.

Hint: search for Mike Maxwell’s Adorne hack.

“Momentary retractive style,” technically.

Leviton Toggle


Leviton Rocker ( Press the top for on, press the button for off)


Leviton Momentary Switch ( Press the bottom once, whether you are turning it on or off)

What’s the model number of the last switch you pasted, that’s exactly what I want except that the zwave version has been discontinued and replaced with a traditional rocker - so I want to combine that with a zwave relay, thanks

Ahh I zoomed in that’s the matching switch I was asking about

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