Wall mounted buttons/scene controllers: any options?

I am looking for wall-mounted buttons/scene controllers. I have been using the Enerwave:

Enerwave Z-Wave ZWN-SC7

This is a device that mounts in a single gang box in the wall, and wires up to the 12VAC to draw power. It has 7 switches. I use these to add wall switches controlling multiple devices or set scenes.

It appears to be discontinued. I haven’t been able to find a replacement option. Any other options out there?


Very few that are mains powered. Quite a few options that are battery powered. For example, the remotec ZRC90 has eight buttons and each button has three options (tap, double tap and held). It fits in a one gang box space, but is battery operated. Available on both US and EU Z wave frequencies. Typically costs about $50.

This and other devices are discussed in the following thread:

I’m assuming you’re in the US? There are a few additional options in Europe, so I just wanted to check to be sure.

A very popular option is to wall mount a Wi-Fi phone or tablet and use the third-party dashboard, SmartTiles, on that. Since smarttiles is customizable, you can include only devices you want for each room. :sunglasses:


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We should also mention the Leviton VRCS4 which is still available. It only has four buttons and it’s kind of a pain to get set up, but it is mains powered and there are a number of community members using it.

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I use both the SmartTiles on an old Tab3 stuck to the wall and a “Mood Cube” (Box with a multi sensor installed, turn it to the face you want for the scene you want.).


Thanks. I saw that thread. Not really much useful there. The point of wall mount AC powered is so I don’t need to change batteries. Also, handheld remotes can wonder off. I’ve found that simple button switches (with labels) are the most user friendly. By user friendly I mean that most people can figure out how to turn lights on/off without asking me.

I will look at the ZRC90. Looks like it’s powered off 3vdc. I should be able to fit 3vdc supply into a single gang box and power it off that instead of the batteries. That could work. Thanks!

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I use SmartTiles. but I find wall-mount tables are not a great solution. They are too fragile in the sense that people can too easily start playing with them and mess up the configuration. I need to look at a way to lock down a tablet to just the SmartTiles web page.

They make sense in theory. But in practice people always seem to find a way to screw them up and then I have to go fix them.

I am also setting up a Raspberry Pi with a touch screen. That can be configured to reset on a regular basis and not have to worry about people messing with it. (You can set the browser up in a kiosk mode, no decorations.)

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I have a VRCS4 on order to try out. Four simple buttons is good. this is not a bad option. I like the Enerwave better.

I’m really surprised that there’s not more options out there. I’ve installed Lutron systems and they have a lot of options. Definitely something that seems to be missing from the z-wave world.

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The “Fully” browser (and a few other “kiosk mode” browsers for Android), can be configured to limit access to specific web page(s); such as SmartTiles.

Of course, it’s up to SmartTiles (us!) to provide “locked down” Dashboards to run within that particular kiosk; though, the current version of SmartTiles (v5.8) does use distinct pages for control vs configuration, so you ought to have success.

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What usb switch are you using in that 3-gang box? Link?

That project was done by @ash . I’m not sure of the specific parts used. See the following thread:

K. Thanks. Looking through that I didn’t see the specific part he used, but I did find this http://a.co/7JwjRZ1 which looks promising and what I’m looking for.

Pass & Seymour has a popular line of that type, and their newest one both cost a little less than the Bryant and can handle USB 3.0 , so you might look at those as well. :sunglasses:

Excellent. I’ll make it happen. Thanks!

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