Vote SmartThings as #1

(Todd Wackford) #1

Everyone needs to help show that SmartThings is #1 in the Webby Awards - People’s Voice -Connected Products category. Go to here and vote:


Happy Hacking!

(Jim Beletti) #2

Voted. It’s close with ST at 27%

(esung) #3

voted. thanks!

(Todd Wackford) #4

Come on you peeps! Get out and vote!

(Todd Wackford) #5

Has everyone voted yet?

(Jim Beletti) #6

Only 4 days left and ST is currently running #2. If you are enjoying the IOT with Smartthings - it’s time to vote!


(Todd Wackford) #7

Come on everyone. ST has slipped into second on the voting. We need to get out the vote and put 'em back into first. If you haven’t already, go vote ASAP. See the links above.


(esung) #8

I had my wife vote too, or I voted for her as her proxy :wink: She benefits from ST as much as I do so I think it’s fair, right? :slight_smile: