Upcoming SmartThings Feature List where users can help prioritize!

As noted by @FlorianZ in the blog http://build.smartthings.com/forums/topic/door-locks-fully-supported-by-sts/ … it would be great to have a list of features that are planned and have the users +1 them so they can be prioritized based on public demand.

@SmartThings please advise so we can start helping you help us :slight_smile:

Community members - please +1 this, so smartthings can priortize this to create a priority feature list !

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I would really love to see this.

IMHO, it would help the company stay transparent about what they are working on, cut down on support emails requesting for, and inquiring on the status of features. It would also allow users to see what others are requesting, and in what priority. Some people are very vocal about what they think is the most important feature in the world when basic things, benefiting a much larger group of users, are still missing.

This would be nice just to know what the awesome people at SmartThings are up to.


@Ben - Are there any plans of announcing the device integration / things in pipeline ? I understand if you’d not want to announce the confidential projects, etc… but for new device integrations it would really help to know what’s in pipeline and also allow voting so you know what device integrations are in most demand.

I’m a user of another product website (unrelated to smartthings or home automation) and it gives user 10 votes open at any given time which we can use to prioritize the ones that we really feel are important … ! Works well as they deliver on what their users want !