Voice interface for SmartApp?

I’d like to add voice interface to my SmartApp. My first preference is Google Assistant, second is Alexa, and Thord Siri. I’d like to create my own voice commands and get them to my application, then play back text to speech prompts. Does anyone have, or can refer me to, instructions of how to do that?

First things first: this forum is for people who are using the Samsung SmartThings home automation platform, and “SmartApp” is a trademarked phrase for that platform.

So are we talking about the same thing, not just a generic app? If so, we need to know which model of smartthings hub you have, what country you are in, and whether you intend to use the old groovy-based developer platform or the new platform.

What you are describing is definitely possible for Alexa within the context of the Samsung platform, but all of the answers you’re going to get here will be in that context.

Google home and Siri do not have similar integrations with SmartThings, so you would need to do those a different way.

This is a very active forum, so it often comes up near the top on Google searches for generic home automation terms, but the answers you get here will be specific to the Samsung IOT platform. So I just want to be sure that’s what we’re talking about. :sunglasses:

Google “How to create an Alexa Skill”.

(Though that’s only one way to do what you are possibly think of doing…).

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By SmartApp i’m referring to that of the SmartThings platform. I was assuming that this is the only context discussed on this forum so no need to mention that. I’m with the Hub v3, the Groovy IDE, and the new Samsung account; in Canada. I hope this makes things clearer :slight_smile:

How to create Alexa skill should be part of it, but it’ll not get it for me into the SmartThings application code. No?

OK, just needed to check. :sunglasses:

And the answer is the same. If you create an Amazon developers account you can do it for Alexa. But not for Google home or HomeKit.

If you look in the community created wiki on the quick browse lists and look in the smartapp section for the list for “voice“ you’ll see three or four smart apps there that have Alexa speak.


I believe the following is the most recent:


This app is probably the closest to what you are looking for.