Vizia VRF01-1LZ Fan Controller Strange Behavior--Help!

Hello All,
So I have been changing all of my switches in my house to Leviton switches and I have had great success with them. The final additions was 3 ViziaRF Fan controllers on three separate fans in my home. So I came home today (they were installed professionally by an electrician) and am experiencing strange behavior. My fans have a light operated by a cord. I followed all the directions on the light setup. My anticipated behavior of the switch was to have Fan control via SmartThings and turn the light on and off using the string pull as needed. Here is my problem, the only time the light functions is when the Fan is on the highest speed. If I reduce it to medium speed or low speed the light turns off? I don’t know if it is not drawing enough power to turn on the light? What can I do about this? Any solutions would be appreciated?

Yeah, that’s not gonna work. You don’t have a whole lot of choices here. Either only use the lights with the fan on high or your going to have to do some rewiring so that the lights get all the current they need regardless of fan speed.

Agreed. It sounds like you don’t have two separate circuits for your fan and light.

It sounds like the hot wire for the light was hooked up to the fan controller along with the fan itself. I am guessing that you have a single light switch to control that fan and light from what you are saying… if so, you need to find a fan controller that sits in the canopy so that the light can get power without going through the fan controller and the fan can be controlled without affecting the light. I do not believe there is a zwave one but Lutron used to have a solution for this but it was only controlled via an IR remote…

An alternative solution, if you do not want to add a second switch and wire going up to the fan/light would be to put a regular switch in the wall and to add a small dimmer (Fibaro makes a nice one) in the canopy for the light. This reverses what you wanted to do… you turn on the switch to enable fan and light… you control the fan via the chain (is there one?) on the fan/light fixture, and you control the light via ST.

Last… it would help if you added make and model of the fan/light you have and specified how the wiring was done, even if just by saying “single gang” in the wall for a room that was only wired for light.