Vivint Security System

Anyone had dealings with attaching Vinint system with SmartThings. It is a nested platform.

For those not familiar with your system, could you please provide a link to the appropriate website?

Also: you titled you post ‘Vivint’ and referred to it as ‘Vinint’ in your question. Which is it?

The more information you can provide to the community, the more likely a response…

Pretty sure it’s vivint. But do they really call their system nihilist? Kind of a weird name.


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Vivint security system.

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I’m having issues with getting my Vivint home security system attached to my Smart Things hub as well. I’ve followed some steps I’ve found using searches but they all seem to be outdated. So, it’s hard to follow 100%.

I too have not been able to access the Vivint system. Can you send me what you have and I will work with it and return any info I can get