Visonic MP-841 Motion Detector


I was able to successfully pair my Visonic MP-841 motion detector with my SmartThings Hub V3. I then logged in through the web and changed the “Type” to “SmartSense Motion” and reloaded the mobile app (I’m using the new version of the app). Upon re-loading the app, the status of the motion detector read “No motion”.

During testing, it didn’t look like it was picking up any motion at all since it remained in the “No motion” state. Eventually it went into offline status.

This specific detector is listed as using ZigBee H.A. 1.2.

Hopefully the experts on this site can offer guidance as to what can be done to get the Visonic MP-841 motion detector working successfully with the SmartThings Hub.


I have version 2 of the hub. I used to be able to trigger actions via its custom device handler via the classic version of ST. Not anymore via the newer application, that’s a bummer.