Visonic MMCT-427 SMA Smoke and Heat detector

Has anyone tried pairing one of these? I tried and it did work, however it comes up as unknown and after that not sure what too do with it. Any help I would appreciate, really new to this thing.


most Visonic SMA-marked models do not incorporate the applicable standard Zigbee profile HA1.2 that could relatively-easily be integrated to ST. You can see the fingerprint of the “paired” device in Smartthings IDE login, hub transaction log. If you see “0142” string (my dim recollection) in the fingerprint then integration may be possible but last I looked it was not built-in to Smartthings device types. You can probably adapt the “user-generated device type developed for Visonic MCT-340 SMA.” (EDIT: MY MISTAKE - seems like the device type is built-in to smartthings but I can’t tell which one is detected in the inclusion process. END-EDIT.

For example, Last time I looked at the Visonic CLIP SMA device, paired it and checked fingerprint, it came back with “0001” or similar (maybe it was “0100”) in the relevant position, indicating “proprietary Zigbee profile” thus non-standard Zigbee and difficult or impossible to integrate.

Typically, the SMA devices can pair but they will not cooperate/report. MCT-340 SMA is the exception that proves the rule. Newer Visonic SMA devices are more likely to be Zigbee HA1.2 .