Visonic Model- Next Plus K9-85 SMA

(Pio Emilio Diaz) #1

Hi, I have several sensors from Xfinity, I am able to pair my Motion Sensor
Brand- Visonic
Model- Next Plus K9-85 SMA

The system sees is and pairs it but does not work properly, is there any device handler or trick to make this work. Please Help.

(Eric) #2

probably not. Most of Visonic SMA-marked devices have a proprietary zigbee profile (not standard HA profile 1.2) . The question has been asked for other Visonic devices.

I’ve seen the same result for Visonic CLIP SMA - it will pair to ST hub but the fingerprint indicates proprietary. There is an Visonic MCT-x that is HA 1.2 but I have enough door contacts - the CLIP is the only device that interested me.