Vision ZWave Relays

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Anyone know why the vision single and dual relays (ZL7431 / ZL7432) stopped selling on Amazon? I really like these parts because they are so easy to use and pretty low cost. Are they being discontinued or something?


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No idea, maybe they’re getting a zwave plus model ready. But that’s just a guess.

Some of the specialty retailers still have them, like @TheSmartestHouse

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These look like the same ones sold by too.


The older Z-Wave chip used in these relays is getting phased out so the products are being discontinued. The single relay is in low stock and we don’t know if/when it will be replaced with a Z-Wave Plus version. The double relay is still in stock on our website and will probably be replaced with a Z-Wave Plus version in August/September.

In the meantime, we really recommend checking out the Qubino modules which are much more advanced than the Vision ones in terms of software and the number of supported types of electrical loads but they’re equally small (and thinner).
Here is the single relay:

And here is the double relay:

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Thanks this is helpful information. The Qubino modules look nice, but I wish they weren’t double the price.


No problem Ryan. You can always reach out to our customer service to request a custom quote if you’re looking to buy 5 or more. We’ll be happy to give you a discount on the devices!