Virtual thermostat Won’t let me change fan speed

Hi. I have the Virtual thermostat app set up with a Samsung motion sensor and I’m using the app on a ceiling fan to cool an area. Everything works except that the app sets the fan Speed to 66%. If I try to increase the fan speed, the virtual Thermometer changes the speed back to 66%. Is there a way to make the app set the speed to my choice? Or even set the speed based on temperature? I’m limited in my ability to code. If nothing else I would like the app to stop changing the fan speed I am choosing.

You could swap to this thermostat smartapp for control. I set it up in the classic app but it looks as if everything shows up correctly in the new app as well. The only time I control our fans manually now is when we need to clear some smoke from the kitchen or if I’m working out.

Virtual thermostat isnt meant to control fans, it only controls smart plugs on and off

Thank you! I installed it. I’ll wait for The weather to warm up to see if it works. I’ve never installed a virtual app before. You have opened my eyes to new possibilities. Thanks!