Smart Fan Control App

Does anyone know of an app that will control the speed of my ceiling fan based on the temp in the room. I have the GE fan controller that has low, med, and high settings. If course I’d like low to be one temp range, med another temp range, and high if above a certain number.

Thanks in advance




If you ever installed “Rule Machine”, this is a good option (app is no longer available).

“SmartRules” is another app if you use iOS (free for 1 rule, $9.99 if you want additional rules).

Both apps can do A LOT more then what you are looking for but will definitely solve your problem.

Hi Greg,

I am just now finishing up the touches on my app that does this. I will load it up this week for feedback. I am calling it 3 Speed Ceiling Fan Thermostatl and is specifically designed to work with your GE Smart Fan Control device.

I was using Rule Machine which was OK but it wasn’t ideal for a couple of reasons.

  • One of the problems is the difficulty in making any kind of a room setpoint change was very tedious because you had to go into every rule built and make changes to all the setpoints accordingly.
  • It was very difficult to write the Rule to properly start up the fan. Most ceiling fan manufacturers want you to start a fan from the off position to first go to High speed. This is automatically done with the hardwired pull chain that comes with most fans because on the first pull from a dead stop is High speed, the second pull is Medium and the final pull is Low speeds. With Rule machine this automation is difficult.
    -Finally Rule Machine is no longer being offered by the author and was withdrawn from Github.
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