Virtual Thermostat SmartApp Doesn't Work As Intended

I’ve tried this SmartApp and other similar derivations of it, but it doesn’t seem to work. I have an Ecobee thermostat with a remote sensor. I’m using Virtual Thermostat to watch the temperature on Ecobee’s remote sensor and turn on/off the radiator in the room accordingly. The room should be heated to 70 degrees. However I’ll walk into the room and it will be 67 degrees and the radiator isn’t on.

Anyone have similar issues? Has anyone gotten this to work as expected? I want the radiator on anytime the temperature is under 70 degrees.

Wouldn’t you need an independent thermostat to control just a room and not a sensor? You mentioned that you want “the room” to be 70 degrees. Something has to tell the valve to allow heat/steam to the radiator.

Just my thoughts… way over my head with radiators here in Florida :slight_smile:

The best place to ask your question would be in the author’s thread for the virtual thermostat that you are using.

That said, what device is controlling the actual radiator? I understand that there is an ecobee sensor in the room, but what is the physical control device to turn the radiator on?

Oh, I couldn’t find a thread for the Virtual Thermostat but I’ll hunt some more.

The radiator is plugged into an Evolve smart outlet where you can control one of the two plugs programatically. I can easily turn the radiator on/off via SmartThings by turning the outlet on or off. The radiator itself is always set to “on”. It’s just the outlet that we turn on and off. I’m expecting the outlet to be turned on anytime the temperature is below the intended temperature but it seems pretty hit and miss thus far.

I’m doing exact same and have same issue. i’m trying to turn on space heater and using ecobee temp sensor. Virtual thermostat will turn on heater at set temp but will not turn it off.