Virtual Thermostat limited to 0-40 degrees heating range

I created two virtual thermostats to store a heating set point and a cooling set point because my actual thermostats will not accept a cooling setpoint if it is in heat mode and will not accept a heating set point if it is in cool mode. I want to keep the two setpoints stored somewhere so that I can pass them to webcore pistons as various automations change those setpoints (since the actual thermostats will not store both). I don’t believe Automations can pass values to webcore global variables, can they? When I try to add an action to each automation to store the heating point (or cooling point) in these virtual thermostats, the automation limits me to the range of 0 to 40. I don’t want Celsius, I want Fahrenheit. How do I change the scale so I can enter a Fahrenheit value?

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I use these two Pistons that I just finished updating and they are really good to keep the systems in sync and to set the modes based on outside temperature. What you are attempting can be achieved in a webCoRE Piston by placing a heat mode variable. Look them over and you will get an idea of how to build the Piston needed for your purposes. No Virtual Thermostat needed.

However, I do have a Master HVAC Switch (Virtual) which syncs both systems and an Automation Override (Virtual) which can quickly turn off the Pistons. The devices are labeled for ease of use.