Help with simulated device(Simulated Thermostat)


I am using the virtual device ‘‘Simulated Thermostat’’. I am using this to set my heating setpoint, the rest of the logic is done in webcore.

But in this device handler there is to many buttons and options, I would only like to only have the heating setpoint temperature and up and down buttons for this to show in the app.

Is there any way I can achieve this?


Removing Tiles from a DTH is a trivial code change, luckily.

Link or paste the full DTH and we can show you want lines to remove…

I dont have the code:) But got it working with simulated temperature virtual device and sending values from CoRe.

There are several things I cant find in webcore, for example I would like to trigger a piston when a Routine is excecuted. Now I have done this in CoRe. But would like to move everything over to webcore.
Is it possible?

Regards Jon

Which device handler are you using? I’m using the simulated thermostat when you create from template and looks different.

I’d been wondering how to remove a tile from it and maybe you might know.

Also have been working on how to populate values with a temperature sensor using webCoRE along with turning switch on and off.