NST manager + webcore?

Looking to create a piston to have my AC temp lower when I go to bed. I’m fairly new to this and have only created one piston so far. Is it possible to access NST manager with webcore? I see settings for temperature, but can’t find any devices that look like the right thing.

You have to authorize the thermostat(s) in webcore mobile app in order to use them in pistons. Have you done that? The device should be available under “physical devices”.

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Very easy to do.

First as Bobby said authorize devices:

  1. open ST app
  2. automation tab
  3. smart app (sub) tab
  4. scroll down to and select webcore
  5. Select settings
  6. Select Available devices and contacts
  7. Select available devices
  8. Scroll down to thermostats, open, select thermostats.
  9. Select Done on each sub screen till you’re back at main automations and you’re done there.

As automations go, All you have to do is have one action that is unique to you going to bed. Something like a button press next to your bed, or (Alexa) triggering a virtual switch. Or if you use the new webcore presence sensor with sleep capibility, when you trigger sleep in whatever way such as button, Alexa, etc.

Again trigger a unique bedtime action. For the purpose of this example, let’s use a virtual switch called “Dave Sleeping” which let’s say you trigger with Alexa: [Alexa, turn on Dave Sleeping] OR [Alexa, turn off Dave Sleeping]

Switch states:
“Dave Sleeping” ON = Sleeping
“Dave Sleeping” OFF = Awake

Automation logic:
  • If “Dave Sleeping” changes to ON;
    Then thermostat, set temperature to xx

  • If “Dave Sleeping” changes to OFF;
    Then thermostat, resume program

    • Or if you want to set a specific temp again:
    • Then thermostat, set temperature to xx

Also, for additional webcore help, come join the discussions at the webCoRE community forums