Virtual temperature sensor (for V3 app)

Looking to see if anyone has a device handler for a virtual temperature sensor (one that can receive a value) that works properly with the new app.

I am using code for the Classic app that worked very well. I have another app that takes a temperature value from a thermostat and assigns it to the virtual temperature sensor.

The assignment is working fine in the V3 app, but three things bother me: (1) it has no temperature icon, (2) it has no units when viewed on the home page, and (3) its units are deg C when I pull up the device detail.

Thanks in advance!

I did knock up one a while back that might be suitable. It certainly works in the new app fine but whether it does the exact job you need is another matter.

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Thanks, looks like it will work @orangebucket . Since I have another app manipulating the temperature, I don’t have a need to do it through the device. Can this capability be taken away? And is there possibility for a decimal point (showing up without)? Thanks!