Temperature Unit Display Issue in Detail View for Virtual Device Created Using SmartThings CLI

I created a virtual device “Air Monitor Lite” using the SmartThings CLI.
The device has the following capabilities:

1 temperatureMeasurement
2 relativeHumidityMeasurement
3 fineDustSensor
4 veryFineDustSensor
5 carbonDioxideMeasurement
6 battery

Using smartthings virtualdevices:events, I set the temperature for temperatureMeasurement to 20 with the unit “C”. The unit is displayed correctly as “C” on the dashboard, but in the detail view, it is still shown as “F”.

To check if there was an issue with my code, I created a device with only the temperatureMeasurement capability and tested it. In this case, the unit was correctly displayed as “C” in both the dashboard and the detail view.

However, for a device with both temperatureMeasurement and relativeHumidityMeasurement capabilities, the unit error still occurs.

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@nayelyz I have same issue in April 2024 version Android App.

@qwert123 Could you please clarify what you mean by “virtual devices”? Did you use the smartthings virtualdevices:create-standard command, or did you create a custom driver of type virtual?