Virtual temperature device displays Checking in Android app

Good Day. I have previously created a number of virtual Temperature devices that take the temperature from different sensors. As I only used apple devices before the temp would display in the new app. However since switching to Android (S20+) I realized the temp no longer displays in the new app. It constantly say “Checking”

See below screenshots


How do we resolve ?

You could use “Virtual Thermostat Device” by piratemedia. It pick up and averages the temperature and humidity from selected temperature and humidity sensors. I just don’t use the thermostat functions.
It shows the average temperature on the tile and inside when opened. Unfortunately the average humidity is not displayed anywhere, but it is available for used in automations.

@Paul_Oliver How do I get this one to try?

You need to install the device handler and 2 smart apps in the IDE.
You can find the code by Googling github, "Virtual Thermostat Device”, piratemedia, smartthings

I increasingly get the impression that the development of the Android and iOS apps only has a destination in common.

I can’t speak for the iOS app, but the Android app is very keen on attributes having values. Not only will it keep ‘checking’ until all the attributes have a non-null value, even when it does have a value for the attribute it needs to display, but it will totally ignore default units defined in capabilities and sulk until you explicitly set a unit, and it would much rather you sent that unit with every event.

So you find that DTHs now have go to the trouble to initialise attributes to valid values, even if doing so gives them a nonsense value and sets off the alarms and fires the stairlift ejection seat. They also have to set the units every time they set an attribute even if it hasn’t changed. Neither thing should be necessary but you have to go with the flow.

Update: I may have oversold that and it might be that ‘Checking’ only cares about the value it needs to display.

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Makes alot of sense. But the iOS app is able to display a value on the tile whereas the Android app can’t. Something should be very weird about that. Maybe something they need to look into.


Which DTH are you using?

It’s called Virtual Temperature Device. Found it awhile ago. Will check to see who did it.