Virtual switch that can be accessed from all hubs?

Does anyone know of a way to create a virtual switch that can be accessed from multiple hubs?

I have an insteon motion sensor that I’d like to utilize in a SmartThings routine.
Since insteon can’t directly speak with SmartThings, I’m going to use webhook & IFTTT as the middleman to turn on a SmartThings virtual switch when the motion sensor is triggered.

The problem is that IFTTT can only interact with on SmartThings hub, and I want to run this automation on the hub that’s not connected to IFTTT.
If I can somehow build a virtual switch that operates across different hubs, it should work.

Any ideas?

Sorry no. One switch one hub. Actually one LOCATION, but. If you only have one hub in a location (technically multiple hubs ina single location isnt supported) its essentially the same thing.

Usually people use things like IFTTT (well, before they limited its usefulness) qnd WebCoRE to transit across location boundaries

I use a virtual switch in one location and rule engine to access the my other location. Since SharpTools will bring in all Things from all locations you can make a rule that allows the virtual switch to turn on/off a device in another location.

Both locations have to be associated with your SmartThings account for this to work.


If you can send an HTTP POST with an Authorization header and a JSON body, you can turn on a SmartThings switch from anywhere. So that is really your target.

So what can Insteon do for you?

The ISY that regulates my Insteon devices is probably capable of sending HTTP Post and JSON, because the webhook that I already use to connect my Isy to IFTTT contains HTTP Post and JSON.
But unfortunately HTTP Post and JSON are all greek to me. I can only follow if there is a very specific guide that can walk me through it - like IFTTT’s guide.

I’ll look into Sharp Tools, but I’m kind of wary of the learning curve that adopting a new platform entails. If anything, I’d like to consolidate my home automation into as few platforms as possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to tag me or @jamesguitar3 as we built SharpTools and are always happy to help out. :smiley: