Why devices connected to multiple HUBs on an account, are unable to communicate with each other. Must use IFTTT

Why devices are connected to multiple HUB in an account is not communicate with each other. Must using IFTTT
This difficulty in deploying large house.

Help me.


The only way for me to get the devices talking to each other from multiple hubs on the same account is virtual switches.
You create a virtual switch from hub x.
Link it to the real device you want control with smart lighting.
Go into IDE and change the location of the virtual switch to hub y.
Now you should be able to control the device of hub x with a virtual switch in hub Y.


It’s just currently an architectural / data structure design issue.

SmartApps are attached to a Location, and a Location can only have one Hub (I think?!?)

Therefore, SmartApps can only control Devices on one Hub.

@Navat604’s solution is clever … but seems to require that a Location support multiple Hubs.

According to the data structure, indeed, a single Location can have multiple Hubs … but then the OP’s question would not be relevant.

What’s the real story? I’m pretty darn certain you can have only one Hub per Location.


Using IFTTT to link? @Navat604

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hi @Navat604 and hi all

I did as you guide. but not OK

myhome description:

Hub X at location L1
Hub Y at location L2

I created virtual Device(name: vD) on Hub X and location L2.

But smartApp on Hub Y do not see this device (vD).

I think, Device ( vD ) is seen on the two hub(X and Y), the problem is solved :sunglasses:


You don’t create 2 virtual devices one at x and y.
You create one at x. Sync your virtual switch with you real switch with smart lighting app
Go into IDE and change the x location of the virtual switch to the y location.

You are right @tgauchat. You can only have one location per hub but you can have multiple locations with one account.



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But a SmartApp won’t let you select Devices from two different Locations… I guess your hack works because they are both in the same Location when you set up the sync in Smart Lighting SmartApp, then you move it (the virtual switch) to the second Location so it can be used in a SmartApp in that Location.

But you can’t edit the App without putting it back.

Wow… What a mess, but, like I said… Clever…if it works.


Someone, probably deverloper flatform SmartThings. create a virtual Hub and allow two or more physical Hub links to this virtual Hub. Programmers will enjoy the environment during and easily develop large systems.:innocent:

? @slagle


Why have two hubs? I fail to see an advantage to that in one house. Just get a much less expensive and useful repeater.

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it can’t in many cases:

  • the big house
  • actual demand
    I have a mystore and myhome distance of 5km
    ~At my store have: 01 Hub;01 Motion sensor,…
    ~At my home have:01 Hub,01 Alarm,…
    [smartapp] if Motion Sensor is active from 17:00PM to 4:00AM , the Alarm is on.


Ok two separate buildings make sense. Now why do they need to talk to each other?

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He wants the motion sensor in one building to set off a siren in the other, so that if intrusion is detected in the office while he is home, he will be aware of it.



Plus some random characters.

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Also too many devices. I am very close to max and why not get good use of v1 hub.

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  • IFTTT suitable for simple operations.
  • Conditions in the if clause is complex, IFTTT can not solve.

But how much does your store and house need to talk really? I kind of see your one use case, but I have trouble if I’m ST seeing why separate locations should integrate much. At some point there has to be a division for sanity.

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The inability for SmartApps to not include devices from more than one Location under the same Account is an arbitrary architectural / database design issue.

Flexibility is always preferable to constraints (from a Customer perspective), though it may increase complexity for both Customers, Support, and Engineering.

Still… I can envision, for example, the Thing selection list in SmartApp preferences showing Devices from multiple Locations, just nicely grouped by Location (with an expand/collapse option). In fact, this is pretty much what we are doing in the upcoming SmartTiles V6 – we allow Devices from multiple Locations to be mixed into a single or multiple dashboards in any combination; even Locations from different Accounts!

Now if only all SmartApps could do this, it would be wonderful in various scenarios. A fella can dream, right?


If prefer less complexity over implementation of low use use cases is all. :slight_smile:

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Waiting V6 :sunglasses:

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