Virtual Switch in IFTTT

I have 2 homes that we go between and both are automated to some extent. I have created separate accounts specifically for each house so if I decide to sell I just transfer all of the house specific accounts over to the new owner so I don’t have to disconnect everything from my personal accounts. (SmartThings, IFTTT, Amazon Alexa, Ecobee, iRobot, Lutron, Flair, Bhyve, MyQ) In both homes I have irobot vacuums that I want certain lights on while they run, then want the lights off when the robot completes. I thought I would use IFTTT to trigger on the robot starting, flip a virtual switch in SmartThings, then have an ST automation based on the virtual switch state to turn a group of lights for the vacuum on/off process.

In both homes I created the Vswitch device driver and the device and created the automations that triggered on the Vswitch to turn on/off lights. From the ST App I can turn the VSwitch on/off and the automation turns on all the lights I need for the vacuum camera to map. Now all I have to do is have IFTTT receive the iRobot trigger that it started and have it flip the ST Vswitch.

SO in one home, I login to that homes accounts for both ST and IFTTT. I create a recipe in IFTTT to detect the iRobot start trigger (IF THIS) and activate the ST Vswitch on the trigger (THEN THAT). Everything works GREAT. I start the vacuum and the lights come on perfectly and when the vacuum completes the lights go out great!

Now the problem! I log out of those accounts and login to the accounts for home 2. Again, I have already tested the Vswitch/automations in ST. Now logged in under home 2, I go to IFTTT to create the trigger from iRobot and it works fine. But when I go to the THEN part, under SmartThings the Vswitch doesn’t show up in my list of devices. All of my physical switches are there but NO Vswitch. Now IFTTT does now allow me to flip multiple switches, only a single switch. Hence the Vswitch.

In IFTTT, why for one home does the Vswitch show up but not for the second? In home 1 I get the complete list of both the physical and virtual switches, but in home 2 I only get the physical switches.

Other parameters. I am using the exact same smart phone (Samsung) to do all of this work. I log out of the accounts on the phone for one home and login to the specific home accounts for the location.