Virtual Sensors


I am trying to create a virtual device for a motion sensor using the template for the Z-wave motion sensor. However, when publishing it, in my phone I am not able to change the state of the motion sensor as we can do for a switch.

Is there something I am missing? Do I need to add a switch capability to the motion sensor device handler to change its state to active or inactive?

I will really appreciate the help.

or better yet, add an action to both the active and inactive tiles, like this:

			attributeState "active", label: 'motion', action: "changetoinactive", icon: "", backgroundColor: "#00A0DC"
			attributeState "inactive", label: 'no motion', action: "changetoactive", icon: "st.motion.motion.inactive", backgroundColor: "#cccccc"

You’ll want to add custom commands, like this:

    command "changetoinactive"
    command "changetoactive"

and then define the code to send device state changes:

def changetoinactive() {
	sendEvent("name":"motion", "value":"inactive")

def changetoactive() {
	sendEvent("name":"motion", "value":"active")

When you tap on the main tile it will change it’s state (or it should)!

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Thank you so much.

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