Combine 2 motion sensors into 1 virtual/simulated motion sensor?


Been reading and trying pretty much eveything I could find but so far no luck, I have 1 division where I need to use 2 motion sensors, I would like to know if it’s possible somehow to use any type of virtual/simulated motion sensor device to combine the 2 physical ones I have, either using automation or smart lightning.
I’ve tried creating a device with different types but none allows me to create a rule where if motion 1 or motion 2 become active, turn virtual motion on/active (this is pretty much what I want to achiev).
An extra for this will be then to acess this virtual device and add it to actiontiles but that’s a story for another day.
Anyone have any idea if this can atually be achieved?

Thank you

Have you tried just using a virtual switch? I know it doesn’t display as a motion sensor on the app but it would allow you to tie the 2 together.

You would need to create 2 automations:

  1. If motion 1 and motion 2 are active THEN turn on virtual switch

  2. If motion 1 and motion 2 are inactive THEN turn off virtual switch


Try RBoy’s “Simulated IFTTT Motion Sensor” it is free and contains both motion sensor and switch capabilities, so you can use it in an automation.

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The issue is that the motion capability doesn’t include commands to set motion active and inactive. So you need to use a virtual motion sensor handler that either has a custom capability to add those commands, or also includes a Switch capability.

I use my own custom handler that does both. There are a number of others.


Most motion sensors time out quickly when there is no motion. So, are both motion sensors still showing active motion when you want them to trigger something?

I’m very interested in what it is your trying to trigger only when motion is detected dually on two different motion sensors.

This is a common use case for security alerts in order to avoid false alarms, especially from outdoor sensors. You only trigger an alert if motion is detected on multiple motion sensors covering the same zone. Back in 2016 or so before webcore there was a very popular custom smartapp that did exactly this, but it has not been kept up to date.

I tried that solution first but it felt clumsy and not exactly the way I wanted in the end specially if I want to add it to a dashboard

That’s a good option, I actually use that one for my blink outdoor cameras to be on smartthings problem is with this new IFTTT subscription, the free model only allows you to have 3 triggers and I already have them used up :\

this one sounds really really interesting and might work for what i’m looking for, if you won’t mind I’m going to try your custom handler, it might do just the trick I’m looking for.

To reply to all, let me add a bit more background to this.
I live in Portugal and our wall plugs that power most light switches sometimes are used also to power air extractors/ventilators (I think this might be the name for it) on inner bathrooms without natural ventilation), problem is when you turn the light off you also turn the air ventilator off so I bought a switchbot, plug it into the wall switch and started messing around with sensors and automations but because the structure of my WC makes it split into 2 areas, if I use only 1 motion sensor it creates issue (for example if you sitting in the throne thinking about your life and all the sudden puff you are in the dark still thinking), to avoid those issues I got a second sensor for that second area.
Now the objective is, if 1 sensor detects a temp above xº means someone took a shower therefore the light should remain on, if both motion sensors don’t detect motion for more than 10 min and sensor 1 was above that xº then it waits 5 more min and then trigger switchbot to turn the light off (making the air ventilator to work for 15min and then turn the light off).
for controling automations and use it in a dashboard, in my way of thinking, having only 1 virtual/simulation motion sensor collecting info from the 2 physical ones would do the trick just fine, maybe I’m overthinking this or wrongly thinking the all thing, that’s why I came here to pick the comunity brains on the best way for doing this and maybe even help others with similar ideas.

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In the US and UK that is typically called “extractor fan” by the manufacturers, Although many people in the US just say “bathroom fan.“

yep, that’s the ones
some plug them to a different switch, new ones have a timer that keeps them On after the plug are turned off but the ones I have are linked directly to the light switch so…
I just tried orangebucket custom handler and it works GREAT!

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How do you install the JSON file? I assume it is needed because the DH does not work or show up in SmartThings when I just publish the groovy file.

The JSON file is the device config I used to build the device presentation (vid) for the handler so not needed.

The DTH should show up at the bottom of the device types list when creating/modifying a device in the IDE.