Virtual Dimmers & ActionTiles - Need Help

Hey Folks, I need some help. I am setting up my ActionTiles panel and I created some virtual dimmer switches to control my Hue bulbs. I used Dim with Me to link bulbs together and connected them to a Virtual Dimmer switch using Michael Struck’s: Virtual Dimmer.

Everything worked fine in the SmartThings app, but when I login to ActionTiles and then SmartThings IDE to grant permission, the Virtual Switches won’t show up at all. So there is no way to connect them to ActionTiles.

Any thoughts or suggestions? I’d like virtual dimmers for various rooms for the bulbs in those rooms. I was able to create and on/off switch for ActionTiles using Samsung’s Simulated On/Off switch, but it’s not helpful when the bulb’s are dimmable.

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Luckily, our Support Website ( has FAQ Answers in the form of Knowledge Base Articles! :raised_hands:

  1. Everyone … please feel “encouraged” to visit ActionTiles’s own Knowledge Base, Support & Ideas Forum. It’s a little threadbare at the moment, but new items going up daily.

  2. Especially note this Answer:

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Are you using the virtual dimmer switch device by @MichaelS ? If so his latest DH has been updated and now shows up in in action tiles when you try to authorize. I use it and it works well!

Just update it/add it:


Thanks everyone! It worked perfectly.