Home Monitor/ActionTiles Workaround

I am trying to integrate the new SmartThings app with Action Tiles to control my home security and have just found the workaround published in the ActionTiles Knowledge base.

I created the three new virtual switches x AT STHM Arm (away), AT STHM Armed (stay) and AT STHM Disarm. The second step is to create three routines in SmartThings to link the virtual switches to the security mode. The problem I am having is that when I create a routine and select a virtual device, that device’s status isn’t a simple on/off toggle. The only device mode is β€˜toggle down five times’.

I can see that in the web IDE.

How do I change the button to a simple toggle? Has anyone else successfully integrated ActionTiles with SmartThings for security control? This function went away with the elimination of the Groovy IDE.

You’ll probably get the quickest answer if you ask in the ActionTiles forum. But it sounds like you probably need a different virtual device.


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I think you have probably created a VIRTUAL_BUTTON via the API. Clearly there is something not quite right about a device that claims to have 9 buttons, only supports down_5x, and yet has a status of up_hold.

I just created a VIRTUAL_BUTTON too …

 Capability  Attribute              Value
 button      button                 "pushed"
 button      numberOfButtons        85
 button      supportedButtonValues  ["swipe_up"]

The attributes seem to have been initialised to random values with synthetic events to stop the moble app complaining about nil values. I guess we are supposed to customise them ourselves. The numberofbuttons being set to anything other than 1 doesn’t make sense to me though.

If you really must use that workaround for ActionTiles, then choose VIRTUAL_SWITCH. That actually works as an on/off switch correctly.

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Spot on. I deleted the virtual buttons I had inadvertently created and replaced them with virtual switches. The arm/disarm logic works correctly now and status is indicated in ActionTiles OK. It’s not 100% working, but this is a good start. Thanks for pointing this out.

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