Virtual 3 way switch

Hey all

I have two light switches on my house at the entry to a room (from two different doors). Currently they control one outlet as a 3 way switch.

I want to install 4 z wave outlets around the room.

I want to put in two zwave switches and have them always be “power on” to the outlet but utilie both of them as 3 way switches to control the zwave outlets

Is this possible? What gear should I utilize?

do you also want the outlet connected to the switches controlled by the switches?

Yes I want the three way switch to control the 4 zwave outlets

The simple Lighting app will do this. I have two rooms with this setup. When switch is toggled so is the smart receptacle.

Can I set the switch to always pass power on to everything and only control the z wave with the switch?

Zwave receptacles are always on, you aren’t passing power to them. One of the outlets is switched by a Zwave relay while the other always has power. Smart lighting will control the Zwave switches outlet.

Right but they are now attached to the switch and pass power. I want the switch to always be passing power on and only use it to control the zwave portion

Sorry I am really not understanding what you are trying to accomplish. You mentioned switches control one outlet. But later mention they are controlling other switches.

So right now there’s a 3 way switch controlling an outlet. I want to install zwave switches that will control 4 outlets. I want to make sure power always stays going to the 1 outlet that’s controlled by the switches…so the z wave 3 way should always be passing power.

Then I can use the zwave switch to control the 4 outlets

Yes, you can do that. Just wire the zwave switch replacing the current one, just as it’s already wired. This switch will mechanically mirror what the old switch did. Just look at this as if you are using the mechanical non-zwave portion of the switch’s capability.

Then just use the zwave capability of the switch do control the other zwave outlets however you like.

Right but what I’m trying to do is mirror the old 3 way switch but really anything I do with the switch it should always be saying it’s “on” in terms of power and then only using the zwave outlets remotely not the hard wired 3 way switch

A diagram would help people better understand your configuration.

From what you have said I am guessing you have a room with 4 outlets; one of these is currently switched by 2 dumb switches in a 3 way setup (and the other 3 are always on).
What You want to change is to have all 4 switched on and off by these 2 switches, is this correct?

That’s correct

Assuming you have the right wiring available at the switch locations, It is possible to wire new switches to no longer control load on the outlet, but perhaps an easier option would be to replace existing switches with z wave switches to control the existing switched outlet (leave this as a dumb outlet) and add just add z wave outlets to the other 3.
You can then setup automation (e.g smart lighting rules) for these 3 that mirror the switch state.

And in that application the 4th would always be “on”

What I am suggesting is 3 z wave outlets for existing unswitched outlets) and leave the one dumb outlet as is… It can be switched by a z wave switch replacing existing switch.

Is only half of the outlet switched? Or the whole outlet?

Right but I have two switch locations right now I want to use I don’t want to put sa 3rd switch in the wall…

What I want to do is have the two switches be told to always be “power on” but then utilize the z-wave when it moves to actually turn remote things on/off but not effect the local switch “on/off” function

The current 3 way switches are setup to control an outlet. One of the switches have the “load” that goes to the outlet.

  1. Find the load.
  2. Connect load to hot. Not the travel wire.
  3. Also connect same hot to Smart Switch.
  4. Connect travel wire to slave 3-way.
  5. Do not connect anything to load on the Smart Switch.
  6. Connect Smart Outlets.
  7. Make a rule that say:

If Smart Switch changes to On
Then with Outlets
Turn On

If Smart Switch changes to Off
Then with Outlets
Turn Off

Half the outlet is switched half is on all the time…except the power is wired by the three way switch wiring