I happened to look on the Smartthings website last night and looking at the compatibility list. I see it has changed alot. No more labs that I could fine.

I happen to see the Vinli OBDII device for the car. I have the Automatic, l like the Vinli better because it has built in wifi thru tmobile and seems to do alot more than Automatic.

I jump on the website and tried purchase it but there site would not connect. So I emailed there support last night. I finally got a response late this afternoon.

It’s only available to developers or business deals. Coming in November can experience it thru Mienke.
Coming soon to Cox Automotive (however long that takes).
But not available to general public for purchase.

So why would Smartthings put this up on compatibility list? When it can’t be purchased by general public. Only developers or big business right now.

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That’s odd! It was available for purchase as of a few weeks ago, and it’s been in the market since we launched the integration in 2015.

I’ll have our folks follow up with them.

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Vinli was a crowdfunded project. They were available a few weeks ago but I believe that they are ramping up to provide these to Meineke and Cox Automotive. I suspect that it will be available again real soon. I currently have two of these and they work great with Smartthings. I use them for presence to open my garage and close it as well as to activate lights upon arrival. Not to mention that Vinli has some really cool apps that work with the dongle as well included Amazon Echo.

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Hi Lee_Ross,

We’re are glad to see your interest in Vinli, and we do apologize about any confusion that we may have caused. I am the Member Experience Manager at Vinli and I wanted to take a moment and help clarify any questions you may have.

As you noted, we recently made some big announcements at TechCrunch Disrupt about our new offerings. Beginning this November, Vinli will arrive in Meineke Service Center locations in select U.S. markets. And we will be available in dealerships as part of the Cox Automotive Connected Dealership program.

Rather than focusing on selling our product individually online, we decided to partner with companies that would help put the most Vinli units into the hands of eager customers like yourself.

We are also actively updating our online presence to reflect the most accurate information, and will work with SmartThings to update our information page. We have worked hard to integrate Vinli with SmartThings, and will make sure that we partner with them to provide the correct info.

Please join our mailing list so that you are among the first to know about when we will be available at a location near you. Additionally, send and questions you may have about Vinli to

Member Experience Manager

I appreciate your reply. What about the group of people that do not take there vehicle to any shops to be serviced or worked on for anything. I happen to be one those people. I don’t pay those ridiculous prices at any of those shops, no matter what the name is on the building. Unfortunately I think you just cut off a source of revenue. Maybe a small source. As soon as I seen it on, I went to and looked at and everything it was capable of doing, and immediately tried to purchase. If that is your business plan who am I to balk at it.


Hi Lee,

We hear you loud and clear. At the end of the day we’re a technology company. We can do a much better job of building an awesome connected car experience if we’re not dividing our attention between that and running an online store.

So we’re getting together with partners who are great at directly serving consumers. Our vision is to put Vinli everywhere, and we’re sure you’ll have plenty of options for buying Vinli soon. Our email list will keep you posted.

We do appreciate you patience, and know that it will not be much longer before you can get your hands on Vinli.


Hi Steve,
I understand your partnership with Cox Automotive with them installing your device in a vehicle that passes thru there resell centers.Apparently after a little research that’s millions of vehicles. (But I can not purchase your product from them unless I happen to buy a vehicle that passed thru them) . I understand Mieneke again huge sales potential, ( again I can not purchase directly unless I purchase there reward program) Vinli hotspot carrier doesn’t even offer your product. I do understand it’s business with maximize reward . All I can say is best of luck to Vinli and it appears you will succeed, but this one customer that wanted and has researched buying your product that has no access to it. And unfortunately has to search for something else.

Hi Lee,

Thanks for your response. We are getting close to being available through our partners, and are constantly working to create more access opportunities for interested customers. We do appreciate the interest, and apologize for not being conveniently available for you at the moment. If you have more questions about Vinli, email our team at


I for another would like to be able to buy Vinli with out going through a dealer. How hard is it to just plug in & set up app. Dealers will tag it with all their advertising & make you feel like you need to return to them for service at an inflated price.
Please make it available in the open market before your item gets lost.
Just my opinion