T-Mobile SyncUp

Has anyone looked at the T-Mobile SyncUp device that plugs into an ODBII connector on cars? I’d noticed the Vinli device listed among the new devices I could add from my SmartThings app and the SyncUp product looked pretty simiar, and maybe easier to find, than the Vinli

I did not see that Vinli was supported (outside of IFTTT).
That is awesome that ST is adding more car-based items. I feel like they are currently trying to compete with Amazon’s Alexa.

I know Automatic has an (unofficial but solid, reliable, and useful) integration and that is definitely a bit easier to find (as I’ve seen it at Best Buy, Target, etc). I’ve also seen the old version on sale on Amazon for $40 in the last few weeks.
The biggest difference with Automatic is that it doesn’t offer a hotspot.