Video Doorbell w/audio out to work with Sonos and ST

I am looking for a doorbell that records video, allows me to be notified when it is pressed, and has somehow integrates with Sonos whether that is an audio output or an integration.

As a second and a little more far fetched request, if the video content can be displayed on my TV for a specified amount of time either as a PIP or taking up the real estate for those few seconds specified. Similar to a caller ID but it will be video.

both ring and sky bell will do this

Not sure about the TV part, but I bet you can create what you want with this and an outdoor camera.

I would like to say, nothing is simple with ST, nothing is solid, most thinks work for everybody differently and nit all the time… My door lok thinks everyone does a text, I do not, so no option to send a Email, thinks like these simple things forgotton is nit really OK…
Thanks Frank c