Very low voltage smart power switch

Hi everyone and thanks in advance for looking / helping

I have a fat hungry cat with food aggression that needs feeding little and often. The cat also has medicated food so I need a cat bowl that only it can access.

I have bastardised a timed automated pet feeder and a Sure Feed pet bowl that only opens when it detects the microchip of the cat. I’ve cut a hole in the top of the self-retracting lid and placed a shoot from the automated pet feeder aimed at the hole. I’ve also added a back-stopper by cutting up a sponge.

The Issue
As soon as the cat hears the motor of the timed automatic pet feeder it rushes to the bowl. This detects the microchip and automatically retracts the lid spilling the food all down the back.

Proposed Solution
A smart power switch to disrupt the power from the batteries to the bowl to control when it will open. The power switch must work at a very low voltage and so probably needs it’s own power supply.

Type and number of batteries that it is currently using?

( i’m thinking it might be easier to just convert the device from batteries to mains power, and then plug it into a regular smart pocketsocket.

A Qubino relay can run at 24V DC and has a dry contact output.

Just use a 24VDC wall plug to power the Qubino and use the switch isolated from the supply in the Quibino to break the battery connection (Qin and Qout)

4 X C cell batteries in a 2 X 2 configuration

*different product from the one above (doesn’t have the microchip arch) but does have the same battery configuration.