I resurrected my broken Le Bistro Pet Feeder with a NodeMCU and Konnected.io

I had an older model Le Bistro automated Pet Feeder whose circuit board went bad, rendering the device useless.

So I decided to replace the circuit board with a relay switch connected to a NodeMCU/ESP8266 and @heythisisnate’s Konnected.io code. I now have a ST integrated Pet Feeder that can be triggered on demand, or scheduled with the Smart Lighting ST app, etc.

Admittedly, it’s a very simple bypass of the circuit board that simply uses the Konnected.io momentary switch DTH to run the feeder motor. I timed the momentary switch to serve the desired units of food.

There is a switch in the feeder that counts the quarter turns of the feeder motor that I have also hooked up to the NodeMCU/ESP8266. I initially thought I might use the ST cloud to turn off the motor after the quarter turn switch was activated, but that wasn’t practical with the Konnected code as written. The quarter turn switch is very momentary and does not always register the first time it is set off, or the communication to the ST cloud is not fast enough, or something. Regardless, it makes more sense that if I want to use the quarter turn switch, I need to modify the lua code on the NodeMCU so that it is immediately responsive and does not use the cloud. But it seemed like a lot of effort to go down that path when using the momentary switch DTH seems to work just fine. I might revisit that if I find problems with relying on timing, or if I get an urge to do it for the sake of doing it.

If anyone is interested in converting their Le Bistro pet feeder, I can provide more details on how I did it. It looks like my model is older, so I don’t know how much different it is to modify the newer models, but I imagine it would be somewhat similar.


This is awesome! I’d love to see a photo of the insides.

Can this be adapted for teenagers?

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Sorry, I could only find one for babies…


OMG…Spit my toothpaste down my shirt!

I need two of those…