Verizon MiFi Jetpack

How do I connect the Hub to a Jetpack to put it on my network?

Depends on the Hub and Jetpack you have…

To bridge my Jetpacks as WAN sources over ethernet I have a Pepwave Surf SOHO router & a much cheaper GLiNet router that accept my Jetpacks as WAN sources over USB. Then my SmartThings Hub (v2) connected via ethernet.

I’m not as smart as you are! I see the equipment on Amazon that you mention. Could you show me what you bought and tell me what cable I need. Thanks!

What model SmartThings hub do you have?
Is the only internet source (WAN) to your dwelling the Jetpack? Do you have any other network devices that will need a wired connection (ethernet) or are they all wireless and connect to the Jetpack via wifi?