Verizon Hotspot As Internet Connection for SmartThings Hub?

As part of troubleshooting an internet connection problem (not at all related to SmartThings), I set up a Verizon WiFi Hotspot to act as a temporary, manual-fail-over internet connection for the network (the network which the SmartThings hub is using for its connection to the internet).

So, it’s like this…

  • Verizon WiFi Hotspot is the Internet Connection
  • I have a WiFi Bridge connected to that (via WiFi) in order to provide that Verizon internet connection to the primary router (via Ethernet)
  • Primary router is now plugged into the WiFi Bridge instead of the normal cable modem, and serves up the Verizon internet connection to the rest of the network (via both Ethernet and WiFi)

Everything else appears to be working just fine (including fixing the problem that was the impetus for doing this temp setup in the first place), but the SmartThings hub lost internet connectivity as soon as I put this temp manual-fail-over in place.

The SmartThings hub (it’s a version 1 hub) is definitely still up and running, and responds to pings on the LAN. However, it doesn’t seem to have an internet connection; evidenced by the fact that I got the warning message about it being offline, and every ‘Thing’ in the SmartThings mobile app shows health status alerts.

Obviously, since this is only a temporary solution to a problem that will be fixed eventually anyway, this is NOT an emergency. Still, I’ve been wanting to figure out how to implement a dual-WAN, fail-over setup at some point. So, it’s worth my time to look into it, regardless.

Is this a known problem for the SmartThings hub with this sort of network arrangement?

Any ideas what to check on, or what to do to fix it?