VeraPlus Smarthings Honeywell Lynx(alarm) Amazon Echo all working together?

Current situation:
VeraPlus UI7 as Primary Controller
Honeywell Lynx with z-wave module as secondary controller
All able to control a handfull of GE switches, Schillage lock and a garage door controller with tilt switch.

What I am looking to do:
Keep all of that functionality and add the ability to control it through Amazon Echo. I tried a number of bridge techniques with AWS as RasPi but got sick of tinkering. I purchased the Samsung SmartThings in hopes of adding it as a secondary controller but can’t seem to get it to work. Smarthtings does not seem to fully connect to the vera when I add it as a generic zwave decvice (in vera) and use the “Include or Exclude Hub from Existing z-wave network” from smartthings app I get the following:
On Vera “Failed to setup security Please exclude and include again” Obviously I tried this a few times
In Smartthings I see noting but when I do a Start Z-Wave Network Repair I get:
Repair started
Network repair for device [01] failed to update mesh info
failed to update route
zwave repair finished

So obviously it kind of sees the vera but can’t repair.

Has anyone had any success or suggestions for different options? I don’t care about keeping the VeraPlus but would need all of the other things to function as well as be able to add the Honeywell Lynx as a secondary controller so it could still control my lights (with alarm on and off as well as buttons I have programed on my keyfob to open my garage door).