Honeywell Lynx as secondary controller and security panel

Is this posible? I want to buy the Honeywell lynx on amazon and they have motion sensor as low as 20$, has anyone tried this or want to?? :smile:

This is what the manual says about shifting controllers

I have Honeywell L5100 and use it as a secondary controller, I enrolled everything to smartthings hub, then pressed ‘learn’ on the alarm keypad, and pressed “add device” in smarthings. It transferred almost all the devices to the alarm panel, and smartthings added a ‘zwave controller’ icon, with no usability. But, now the alarm panel can control certain zwave devices, like lights and switches and thermostats and locks. But it does go both ways, in other words, the Honeywell/ademco sensors do not register anything at all to smarthings. Its simply a second controller for the zwave devices that are acceptable. By acceptable, I mean, occasionally, Honeywell panel will display failed devices, and you can remove them, so over time, it seems im left with about half of the zwave devices that originally enrolled themselves into the alarm panel. But the way I use it, as only a second controller for zwave devices, it works fine. Like, scheduled on and offs, or scenes run fine, and don’t require internet connection ( ahem…smartthings) so when internet is down, at least my pool pumps still operate on schedule, and lights turn on when doors open etc.
Hope this helps… ive been waiting for alarm panel integration for a couple years now.


I have been using the L5100 for the past 4 years for the alarm function and the Zwave. I recently bought the Smartthings hub and transferred all devices. If I make the Honeywell a secondary controller will I be able to activate or deactivate the alarm from the Smartthing app? If not, what would be the benefit to making the Honeywell a secondary controller? Thank you.


Exactly what I wanted to know.
Thank you!

Thanks again.
SmartThings just arrived.
Excluded my ZWAVE back off the Lynx and on to SmartThings.
Learned and Added.
Reprogrammed scenes on the Lynx and all is good again in the world.

Hi Mario,

I I just got the SmartThings and I have the same setup as you. Can you give me some a bit more detail on how you setup you zwave stuff with Smarthings in conjunction with LYNX?

I used the exact procedure Eduardo_Veras mentioned above.

Just remember that you have to exclude all the devices from panel first and then add to ST.

If you change arm or disarm on ST it will change on Lynx Touch?

Is it possible to arm/disarm L5100 using ST app?