Help! 2 controllers (Honeywell Lyric Alarm controller & Smartthings)


So i have add smartthings for about 3 months and everythings has been working great. i also have honeywell lyric alarm panel which has a z-wave controller built in as well. i was able to make honeywell as a secondary controller. the one issue i have is whenever a light is turned on from honeywell lyric smartthings doesn’t see it as turned ON. So i am unable to run any rules in smartthings because it doesn’t see is ON. Unfortunately honeywell rule engine sucks i can only trigger something and have it on i can’t turn it off after certain amount of time.

However one Bizarre thing is my schlage Door lock and Dimmer (only have 1) are sync with smartthings . they work perfectly when something is done on honeywell smartthings sees it. All my switches are Zooz on/off switches and 1 dimmer which is also Zooz. i am losing my hair trying to figure out why smartthings doesn’t see status change. Please let me know if anything i can try to get the status sync.i called support but they said they can’t do anything look at supports forums…Thanks.


anyone else comes across this issue with 2 controllers?

(Abdellah) #3

The Lyric is equipped with a “classic Z-Wave” or 300 series chipset, which does not support 500 series “Z-Wave Plus” features. The SmartThings hub does support Z-Wave Plus so those devices can be enrolled directly to SmartThings.
Some of the devices maybe missed by Lyric Controller, also Honeywell had released a firmware update, update and see what will happen.
Also for some odd reasons, Lyric controller works with ST only if it is set as Primary and ST as Secondary.

(Joseph Gillis) #4

I have also experienced this anomaly with having ST paired with a Honeywell Lyric. My Schlage lock and Leviton switches sync their on/off status on both controllers, but other things like my Leviton dimmer plug and Fibaro RGBW light controller don’t sync (if I turn it off on the primary ST controller, or using Alexa, the Honeywell panel still shows the device as on). Based on Honeywell documentation, this is something to be expected. I know that on the Honeywell Lyric Panel, when looking at the category list of devices (ie: switches, locks, etc) there is a sync/refresh button (the 2 arrows swirled into a circle) that will correct the Honeywell to reflect the proper device state after 6 seconds. It’s not a deal breaker, but an unexpected inconvenience.