Velux Skylights?

(Peter Pham) #1

I am about to buy some Velux Skylights. They have RF remotes but for home automation they sell these VLF 100 boxes

anyone know how to connect to this?

Velux blinds
Velux blinds
(Andrew Urman) #2
Radio frequency band: 868 MHz.

Unfortunately this is neither a ZigBee or Z-Wave band. So unless there is a cloud platform for it, then it is currently incompatible without custom hardware.

(John Lockwood) #3


Reviving a rather old thread but with some potentially exciting new news.

Velux as mentioned currently use a semi proprietary protocol called ioHomeControl which hardly anyone else supports, I think there are only about six firms who use it. They still currently sell the KLF 100 which provides relay control over their windows which frankly is too much hassle and limited in capability, especially if you know like I do that another maker of similar windows Fakro do already sell Loft Windows with official built-in Z-Wave support.

However it seems Velux are currently working on producing a ‘gateway’ to act as a link between their ioHomeControl system and a standard TCP/IP network based access system. This in theory could then be used to allow SmartThings to send commands via this new Velux gateway to the Velux windows.

See and the Bang & Olufsen PDF linked from that page.

(John Lockwood) #4

As per my last post there has been some articles suggesting the intent to release a gateway between the IO-HomeControl protocol used by Velux to a general LAN/Internet compatible protocol as Bang & Olufsen want to use.

I have just come across a newish press release from the Velux site which while it does not mention the above might be related. Apparently Velux are working towards supporting Apple’s HomeKit protocol in 2017. Apple’s HomeKit protocol works on either BlueTooth or WiFi and can be accessed over the Internet - the former via an AppleTV4 acting as a gateway. Now as things stand HomeKit (only) devices cannot be integrated in to Smartthings but there is I feel a strong chance that whatever solution Velux are intending to release to implement HomeKit will not only support HomeKit but might also be the same thing Bang & Olufsen are referring to. Logically Velux would not want to release more than one gateway/upgrade and would I feel release one which had broader support. One would I feel reasonably expect this gateway to be somewhat like the Phillips Hue gateway which supports both HomeKit and Zigbee and is supported by Smartthings. I therefore hope this will turn out to be the solution I and others are looking for rather than having to mess with hardwiring motors and relays.

See -

I also saw another article in German which mentioned Velux Integra and HomeKit and of course Velux Integra are the roof windows. It also says this will be available as an upgrade for existing windows. See -

So, a little more light is appearing on the horizon.

Thank heavens my own project is still a long way from needing to buy these yet.

(Ian Hammond) #5

oh, will keep an eye on this! I really want to have a routine to open our velux based on room temperature!

(Will Wilson) #6

Anybody heard anything further on this before I purchase our new Velux? Should I be considering alternative brands?

(Daniel Ionescu) #7

I have 2 Velux skylights. Remote is infrared, not RF. Programmed them into Harmony remote hub and now I can control them through Alexa and SmartThings.

(Will Wilson) #8

That’s a great idea! Do you know at all if SmartThings can handle multiple hubs (e.g. one for each room)?

(Daniel Ionescu) #9

ST can control multiple Harmony hubs (I have 2).

(John Lockwood) #10

The Velux wall remotes are IR as mentioned, Velux currently also have a ‘smart’ home system but it is using the io-HomeControl protocol which hardly anything else supports.

As I mentioned in my previous post Velux have announced they will be adding support for Apple’s HomeKit standard. HomeKit can use either Bluetooth or WiFi, if Velux use WiFi it would make it more likely that their interface may also talk to other standards e.g. Alexa, Smartthings, etc.

Velux have also announced they will be working with Netatmo who produce both a smart home weather station and also an indoor air quality system. The intention here is that the air quality reports from the Netatmo would tell the Velux windows when to open and close.

Velux have said that existing windows will be upgradeable to have HomeKit support. I suspect this will be for existing electrically operated windows I am not sure about manual windows.

I am still waiting for this I suspect it will be towards the end of 2017.

(Robin) #11

Looking into integrating 12nr Velux integra windows, planning to use a Velux KLF 200 interface with a bank of Fibaro double relays.

Is this the only way or has a better io-homecontrol interface been developed?