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Velux Active with Netatmo

(Jed) #1

It’s July, Velux now has a pre-order for their Active controller.

I don’t know a whole lot about it, but it appears to be a set of three devices… an internet bridge, an indoor climate sensor, and a physical switch that allows you to lock down the system (assuming this overrides any automation- which I think is interesting, since my current Velux wall controller allows for automated daily timing, but doesn’t have a specific security hard button. Did they recently decide that was a feature people needed?).

From their various movies and release info, it looks like this is their attempt to automate the skylight(s) based on outdoor temp/weather and indoor temp/humidity. You set up the triggers on a phone app.

Does anyone know if there is a hook for HA systems- and of course, specifically ST? Their customer service people did not know how to answer that question.

(Andy Abramson) #2

Any luck? I have been looking at the Active and KRF200 and really want to find a solution to control my 5 solar skylights + 1 solar shade.

(Chris Irwin) #3

I have a SmartThings hub controlling my home and a Netatmo weatherstation to monitor temperatures etc. As it also has two skylights I bought the Velux Active controls when they were released a few months ago. The installation was straighforward and the control works well but I am not aware of any integration with Smartthings or with the Netatmo weatherstation. I had successfully integrated the Netatmo weatherstation with ST, although as the ST app is useless at displaying graphs I use the Netatmo app to look at the temperature and CO2 etc. The Velux Active implements a daily “airing” routine based on CO2 level, opening the skylights automatically. This is overridden by the rain sensors on the skylights themselves as The VA has no knowledge of when it is raining.