Velux Active with Netatmo

(Jed) #1

It’s July, Velux now has a pre-order for their Active controller.

I don’t know a whole lot about it, but it appears to be a set of three devices… an internet bridge, an indoor climate sensor, and a physical switch that allows you to lock down the system (assuming this overrides any automation- which I think is interesting, since my current Velux wall controller allows for automated daily timing, but doesn’t have a specific security hard button. Did they recently decide that was a feature people needed?).

From their various movies and release info, it looks like this is their attempt to automate the skylight(s) based on outdoor temp/weather and indoor temp/humidity. You set up the triggers on a phone app.

Does anyone know if there is a hook for HA systems- and of course, specifically ST? Their customer service people did not know how to answer that question.

(Andy Abramson) #2

Any luck? I have been looking at the Active and KRF200 and really want to find a solution to control my 5 solar skylights + 1 solar shade.