Rf, radio frequency motarized skylight blind

So yesterday had skylight blinds installed of course they use an rf frequency remote. Does anyone know of a way I can integrate into Smartthings. Have Logitech home hub, simple remote, Amazon echo. Has anyone figured it out? Thanks!!

Not directly, as the only RF-based protocols supported are wifi, Z-wave, Zigbee, and (someday) Bluetooth. However, if the remote controls only two states (open/closed), you might be able to do something by using a smart outlet to power the blinds motor.

If the remote controls incremental opening, which I’m assuming is the case, then I think you’re into the realm of home brewing a solution. I haven’t fully thought it through, but maybe something Arduino-based could work.

“RF” just means “radio frequency.” There are many different frequencies which are used. Zigbee, Z wave, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Ademco (433), Lutron, etc.

So the first thing you need to figure out is exactly which frequency and protocol is being used. This should be listed in the user guide or look on the remote control device itself and there will be an FCC label with the license number. The label is usually either on the back of the device or inside the battery compartment. What you have license number you can look it up in the FCC database and see exactly what protocol is using.

Most likely it is using either a proprietary zigbee, in which case you’re probably out of luck, or do the Ademco 433 frequency. ( Smartthings does support zigbee, but only because zigbee home automation profile. There are many different profiles and they are not compatible. )

If it’s 433, you may be able to do something, but you will need some additional equipment act as a bridge. Search the forums for 433 and you should find some examples. But first verify that the remote itself is using 433.

I don’t think the harmony will work with these blinds. But you can check their database on their website to see if they have them listed.

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Or… 315 (err… I forget the exact number. It’s another common low frequency used in Asia etc).

Either one is very easy to build with Arduino… And especially easy to integrate with SmartThings via the ZigBee ThingShield / Smart Shield.

PM me if you’re looking for affordable assistance.

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“345.” :sunglasses:

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Get a ZIMMERMAN IR RELAY Board, peal the RF remote to bits and wire the relays to each button :wink: - then program the ZIMMERMAN into harmony (known device) and younare good to go ----- i did the same for a RF controlled TV BED LIFT SYSTEM :slight_smile: works a charm everytime

Ok thank you guys!! So I went to the fcc site, maybe some good news! I got them thru budget blinds, put in the fcc Id and low and behold they are hunter Douglas motorized skylight blinds. I went to hunter Douglas and they have a hub, that links to harmony. Anyone know about it? Think it will work, I’m thinking I could add my blinds and use that?