vEdge creator for garage door?

Hi not sure if this can be done but i have been going in circles trying to make a virtual garage switch to open and close my garage door with the garage icon showing the state it’s in open or closed with the open closed button in the icon. any help or step to create this would be appreciated.

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I am sure @TAustin probably has a better solution, but I have been using the below driver for my virtual garage door switch, and the icon matches the state. Just had to change it from switch to garage door in the device settings.

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@JKnight 's answer would be my recommendation. Please let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thanks I have been going into the vEdge Creator i have found the garage virtual device option but from there on im a bit confused on what’s next do I have to do a routine? If so I only get an option to either open or close.

You should see two possible actions for the ‘Then’ portion of a routine: switch on or off, or door open or close.

You’ll have to give a bit more detail for what exactly you’re doing and what you want your automation to do.

Hi thanks for the reply I’m trying to make a virtual garage door switch icon with the push button and give update status if the garage door is open or close the icon I had running before shows the garage door open or closed depending what state it is in i did get it to work with a switch with the button to open or close the garage but the garage icon is not there and there is not door status showing. sorry hope I explained this ok. when I create the controls and pick garage door then go into settings I have options of switch behavior and synch control.

So playing around and near wearing out the garage door :wink: I manage to get it to work some what only issue now is the door shows open when closed and visa versa is this from the routine settings I made?

Not sure I understand what is going on. If you used the vEdge Creator and selected “Garage Door”, you should have gotten a device created that has the garage door icon on the dashboard, along with a button. On the device Controls screen, you should see a switch, a button, and a contact sensor field. Is this not what you are getting?

Yes it is but the garage door is closed and it is showing on , open and open and the icon shows the garage door open

Please post your automation routine details so I can see how you are triggering the virtual device.

1st one is IF contact sensor closed Then Door open
2nd one is IF contact sensor open Then door closed

I’m not clear which devices are which here. Is “contact sensor” some other device you have that is the garage door itself? And so it has a contact sensor such that when it is closed, the door is open, and when it is open, the door is closed? And you want the virtual device (you called “Door” above) to reflect those states?

It’s a pretty simple automation that should certainly work, so I can understand the frustration!

When your actual garage door opens and closes, you can confirm that the device contact sensor is changing? But for some reason it’s not triggering the virtual device?

It does work but it seems to be reversed this is the garage door contact sensor. Yes I agree its a simple setting I have done a few but seem to be having a time with this one. At this point it works but shows the garage door open when closed in the icon and closed when open other then that all else works fine

To set the virtual garage door, are you using the switch or the door button to change the state?

If you use the door control button, you can explicitly set it to either open or close and the icon on the dashboard should be showing the correct visual.

If you are using the switch you can either reverse your automation, or you can use the device Setting called “Switch Behavior” to choose if you want ‘switch=on’ to mean door is open or door is closed.

Hi So I just started again from scratch under select & create Virtual device I picked garage door then under virtual device inventory I picked momentary button only in the controller it has on door= closed and sensor closed now is this where i have to set up a routine? If i tap the on button it goes to off and door is open and contact is open which in turn is correct on the icon.

The vEdge inventory is only for finding out how many of each type of virtual device you have created. All it does is return a number on the Controls screen - it doesn’t do anything else and would have nothing to do with creating a routine.

You should be able to open your new Garage door virtual device to its Controls screen and then go into Settings and configure its behavior. Then back in the device Controls screen at the bottom tap the Routines tab and tap the Add routine button. You can delete the existing ‘If’ condition, and tap the Add condition button to select the device and state you want to trigger off of. In the ‘Then’ section you can then tap the vEdge Garagedoor entry that’s already there to set up the action you want to happen with the virtual door device.

Ok thanks I got that to work with the momentary button combo which I did get before but it has the looks like push button icon and not the garage icon showing the garage door state if open or if the door is closed. I just want to take a sec and thank you for your patients with this I might be taking a simple thing and making it into a more complicated set up then it is.

I’ll just add this as I struggled to make it work after the loss of smart apps.

I have a sensor, relay (opens/closes the garage), and a vEdge virtual garage door opener. Please note my my relay is set to work like a momentary button and the action is always “turn on”. Your device may vary.

Here are the 4 routines:

Using these routines I managed to get this working but if I use the manual opener buttons on the wall or the remote in the car the virtual switch does not reflect the correct status. I am only using the routines created on the vEdgs switch to control the doors. Is there another piece to set up?