Various motion sensors / multipurpose sensors trigger erroneously at the same time

Over the last two days I’ve had two instances where multiple motion sensors / multi-purpose sensors triggered erroneously at the same time. In both instances we thought there was an intruder.

I’ve had issues before with motion sensor picking up some small movement -usually just one a a time though. This is a different issue though as multiple sensors (motion and multi-purpose) trigger at the same time!

Incidentally it seems my hub was updated two days ago (Last Updated:2015-12-19 8:25 PM UTC). It is on firmware version 000.014.00022.

Does anyone have the same issue? How can it be resolved?


There have been multiple users reporting the same exact issues which started around two or three days ago. I am seeing similar issues as well.

I had an incident of multiple false motions on multiple sensors about 2 weeks ago. I assume ST was testing or malfunctioning cloudwise. Cameras show no activity.

Workarounds, do not overreact, verify alarms by another channel, like cameras, seperate alarms, and neighbors. Even in traditional alarm systems, MOST alarms are FALSE alarms.