Valve Control Opening & Closing HVAC Dampers

I’m not sure if this has been talked about here. I searched, found nothing so I decided to give it a try.

I bought a Zooz Valve Control from Amazon, took a trip to Lowe’s can picked up some parts so I could build this proof of concept. I think it is going to work.

(BTW - I have the EcoNet controlling the main water valve, just got the Zooz as it was cheaper, even though it is the same exact thing except the EcoNet has better mounting hardware.)

Take a look. I mounted a valve control to the ceiling where an HVAC duct would be.

The valve is held in by they rod and bolts.

Then to test I held a small piece of HVAC duct above in which I installed a damper. The video is a bit shaky as I am on a small ladder attempting to hold the ducting in place, film, and press the button on the valve control.

Now that I have taken it this far, I plan on getting a better damper (one that seals better) and installing it in a real duct. I’ll likely end up installing 4 of these in main ducts so I can control the main floor, basement, and 2 parts of the upstairs separately.

While I waited for the valve to be delivered I wrote a beast of a valve control app. I would say it is in beta right now, but it works pretty damn good and has a lot of options for controlling a valve. My app is called Revalver. Don’t consider this a release, but if you are interested in checking it out, go for it.

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