HVAC duct control other than Keen?

Does anyone know of a smart duct that can be controlled by zwave or zigbee? Or a duct that can be controlled by a dimmer switch? Looking for one that can have variable control not just open and close. Seen some that are power open and spring close. Thought about getting one and seeing if a dimmer could control it. I already have Keen vents throughout the house. My basement has a drop ceiling and looking for something to control the vents there. A normal register won’t work.

EDIT : just saw you already have Keen.

A regular inline duct damper with motor should work and a zigbee or zwave relay…This would at least give you open and close…Easiest way would be to get one that’s normally open or closed and either closes or opens on power on/off.

Yes I have keen vents in the main house. But nothing controlling the basement. I haven’t done the math but it would probably take 2 6x12 keen vents for each vent in the basement and I would have to make a special ceiling tiles and homemade connectors to do it. Not looking forward to that. Was hoping there was a variable position in-line duct damper out there from one of the systems available that could be used off a dimmer switch setup. I haven’t been able to find any info on how they control their dampers yet.

I did a proof of concept with an inline duct damper controlled by a standard z-wave valve controller. Worked pretty good. Got busy, never finished.

Not a great video but here it is.

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