Sale/Coupon Code for Z-Wave Water Shut Off (attaches to valve without additional plumbing)

Found coupon code that EcoNet Controls just made (apparently in celebration of their newest version of the EBV105-UMK.)

You don’t have to do any extra plumbing to install. It attaches to various sized valves and waits for the command from your hub. These can even be paired with a z-wave water sensor to shut off the line the minute water is detected. I have one on my hot water tank so that if it ever goes, it’ll kill the water supply line. I’ve thought about getting another one and installing it on the line that supplies the outside spigot (creating a cheap SmartThings sprinkler system).

Here’s the link:

Here’s the code: ebv15off (they said it is good until 6/12/16)


I recently purchased the older version of this valve actuator, and I couldn’t get it to fit on my valve. EcoNet responded quickly to my request for help, and ended up sending me one of the new universal mounting kits for free. I believe the only difference between versions is the color and the mounting hardware. The UMK is far better and more adjustable than the previous u-bolt rig. I highly recommend this valve controller. Some people have found it doesn’t have enough torque, but it works great for my (brand new) 3/4" valve.

You might find yourself tempted (I was) by the very similar Zooz version of this controller, but I’d say the improved mounting system is well worth the price difference.

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O sweet, I want something like that. I have to stop looking at these zwave gadgets :frowning:

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Is there a device handler that works for this up yet?

edit…Nevermind…just found one

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Yeah, it can be a bit of an addiction. But, I told my wife that we’ll thank our lucky stars if the water heater ever goes… :grin:

Great find. I purchased on Amazon a few weeks ago.

You’ll need to pay for shipping from Eco, so the 15% likely turns into about 7.5% off vs the 135 price on Amazon (with free prime shipping) after you include the shipping costs. Not sure which is better for return purposes.