Looking for simple control idea for two belimo zone valve controllers in basement room

I thought had it worked out but the old zone controller I bought on eBay either doesn’t work or won’t put out the right va

I am putting two dampers (1 zone) serving a basement room

I ideally wanted to measure duct air temp and if cold then controller assumes cool mode and opens damper to cool more or vice versa
If duct air is warm then control assumes heat mode and if room is cold then dampers opens to heat it more.

The dampers have 3 wires. Common and two hots. Normally one of the two hots is energized to move the damper till it hits the stop.

I do not want this control to be connected to my actual hvac unit at all.

All I’ve found so far is an eco jay zone board. Not sure if it’ll work without connecting it to the hvac unit. I could power it with a 40 va transformer.

It’s like $150 and I still have to buy an actual thermostat.

Can anyone here tell me possibly a way to do this would a couple smart thing devices? Maybe some kind of wire relay that says if temp =>x then connect circuit if =<x then break circuit? I’m not sure how to pull this off.

Thanks for any help you can provide