"Validation error whilst flushing entity" when uninstalling SmartApp?

I published a SmartApp and installed in via the iPhone SmartThings app. I made some changes to the code, published it, and tried to uninstall the old version of the app via my phone. This resulted in the following error:

Validation error whilst flushing entity: [physicalgraphi.app.Install...

That’s all I could got; the popup-up notification window is too short to display anything else. I’m not really sure how to remove the app now, and I’m a bit worried that as I make more changes and do more tests that I’ll have even more uninstallable.

Has any one else encountered this?


– Joe

Quick follow-up: I soon discovered that the app (as it appears on my phone) updates it self, as the new preference I added showed up after I checked a bit later.

On a related note, I assume the SmartThings team is aware that sometimes you have to force-quit the iPhone app because the ring widget thing won’t respond to taps. I found this after I had updated the app a few weeks ago, and sometimes when I launch the app after not having used it for a few day.

– Joe